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What we do

MARKET TOURS with COOKING We start our time together visiting one of Anchorage's farmers markets, in an effort to select the freshest ingredients. Then it's off to the kitchen where we will have hand-crafted beverages and begin the culinary instruction. Once we've created our signature meal, it will be time to enjoy it on the deck, overlooking the beautiful Cook Inlet.

COOKING INSTRUCTION - Allow us to share the techniques and tips for creating an unforgettable meal. We will use locally sourced ingredients to construct dishes while working within the natural beauty of Alaska.

PRESERVATION CLASSES - Using tried-and-true methods, we will preserve the season's bounty. Know that class topics will change and reflect the seasons. Whether pickling spruce tips or making delightful blueberry jam, we will discuss procedural standards behind canning so that you can leave confident in being able to execute it on your own!

Image by Nadine Primeau

About the Chef

As a child sitting in the corner of my Grandmother's kitchen, at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, I quickly saw the power food has to connect us to the land, by sustaining health and bringing people together. 

Although I originally started cooking in 1989, at a variety of restaurants in Northern California, I felt a calling to explore beyond my backyard and after attending Dubrulle French Culinary School in Vancouver, B.C. Canada, Anchorage soon became home.

While settling into Alaskan living, I embraced the unique tastes and textures that make this such a special place. I am proud to have been a part in the success of some of Anchorage's favorite restaurants (Snow City Cafe, Haute Quarter Grill and the Bear Tooth Theatrepub & Grill) over the last 25 years.

Allow me to share my years of culinary experience and passion for food with you. Together we will craft a memorable meal that you will be able to recreate for family and friends with confidence.

From Our Guests

Renee from Alaska

"Natalie took the time to explain not just the recipes, but added interesting information about all the foods we cooked with." 

Bea from California

“I learned so much about preparing salmon, from de-boning and skinning, to preparing the final dish. I look forward to impressing family and friends back home!”

Alan from England

“Being able to tour an Alaskan farmer's market first-hand was an eye-opening experience. Talk about big vegetables, Wow!”

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